Shir-Mohammad Espandar, an edge Baluchi man, is the Only surviving player of a musical instrument called the "Do'nali". The "Do'nali" is a unique Persian instrument which he created and mastered. The unique character of Shir Mohammad Espandar and his innovative instrument draws attention from a film documentarian, but he refuses to participate in the director's documentary. To avoid harassment, he seeks seclusion from the documentarian.
As the film progresses, Espandar secretly appears playing this instrument to his fellow companion to help him find peace ​​​​​​​and confront as he is about to enter the next realm.


Writer and Director: Bahman Motamedian
Director of photography: Mehdi Malekzadeh
Editor: Bahman Motamedian
Sound Engineer: Masoud
Production Manager: Behzad Mosleh
Music: Shirmohammad Espandar
Stills Photographer: Behzad Mosleh
Set and Costume Design:Bahman Motamedian
Research: Mohsen Shahrnazdar
Assistant Director: Emambakhsh Lashkarzehi
Second Assistant Director: Gholam Naroie
Assistant photography: Saied Fazayeli
Assistant Sound Engineer: Samad Modares
Main Cast: Shirmohammad Espandar

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A Song for the Dying​​​​​​​