- Sonar International Short Film Festival (April 2006 /Florence - Italy)
- 3rd International Festival Signes de Nuit (25-30 April 2005 /Paris)
- Rencontres International Paris/Berlin (18-28 February 2003/Paris)
- Festival of Nations (13 - 19 June 2003 /Ebensee, Austria)
- Rencontres International Paris/Berlin (10-22 November 2003/berlin)
- Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival (1-10February 2002/Canada)
- 25th Open Air Film fest WEITERSTAD (16-20 August 2001/Germany)
- 2nd IndieKINO International film festival (July2001/Seoul, Korea)
- Ajijic International film festival (7-11 November 2001/Mexico)
- Kansas City film festival (7-14 April/U.S.A)

The film is about the very private moments of a man's life.

-Special Award for the best Experimental Film
(Festival of Nations / 13 - 19 June 2003/Ebensee, Austria)

-Silver Bear, Aquarium                              
(Festival of Nations / 13 - 19 June 2003/Ebensee, Austria)​​​

Director Bahman Motamedian explores surreal territory in video format to expose the absurd and irrational. The character’s surreal world has great visual impact for three reasons ­minimal staging, performers engaged in delightfully absurdsituations,and scenes dislocated from any logical context.Most experimental work is known for purposely breaking with the classic narrative line, stylized shooting and continuity editing, but in Aquarium, the use of the classic form in the service of the surreal and experimental, creates a hyper-real film space for characters to dwell in.­
(Grace Salez, Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival)

Writer and Director: Bahman Motamedian
Roshang sedighi  
Behrang sedigi
Bahman Motamedian
Director of photography: Ahmadreza panahi
Set and Costume Design: Pooya aryanpour
Editor: Behzad mosleh
Sound Designer: Behzad mosleh
Production Manager: Georg Hashemzadeh
Music: Giuseppe Verdi
Assistant director: Ali bahramian
Second assistant director: Sima salarzehi
Stills Photographer: Georg Hashemzadeh
Main Cast: Babak Madah​​​​​​​
​​​​​​Running Time: 18min. 2sec.
Original Format: DV Cam
Year Made: ​2005

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The Aquarium

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